A Framework For Learning

Our framework for learning focuses on both the integration and innovation in curriculum and teaching practice necessary to lead learning in the 21st Century alongside those fundamental partnerships between learners, parents and families, and school, grounded and aligned in communication, consistency, and collaboration.

Contrary to the belief that a fully inquiry led learning model would deliver the greatest gains in learning McKinsey with the OECD have identified that the sweet spot for depth of learning sits with 2/3 explicit and direct instruction supplemented by 1/3 inquiry based learning activities. At Ubon our approach already embodies these practices delivering identifiable gains in young learners knowledge skills and behaviours.


Integrated STEM With Hands-On Activities

We develop a framework for learning recontextualised the emergent integrated focus on STEM/STEAM/STREAM perspectives into a holistic discipline/practice/pedagogy model that establishes measurable intersections between capabilities, learners, challenges, and societally deliverable outcomes.

Our Practices For Learning

Understanding and respecting the context of the individual provides a basis for situating their learning appropriately. Developing from this foundational understanding grounded in values and identity provides a way of linking the thinking skills across the dimensions as identified relevant to the 21st century. Supporting learning through the toolset lens of design thinking through project approach provides a basis to ground cultural and values relevance and sensitivity in the perspectives of challenge based thinking around global issues.

Our Programs For Learning

Our programs are developed from the perspective that learning intentions should guide curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Using principles of backward design we incorporate deep interdisciplinary integration supporting multiple forms of engagement, representation, and action. Grounded in teacher observations and judgements our program structures and tools support deepening an understanding of the diversity and depth of learning.

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