Children are all born with infinite potential and creativity. They have open minds with unlimited capacity to learn and achieve. They are the future creators to build a better world. The ultimate goal of education is to enable and inspire one’s inborn talent and virtuousness blossoms in life.
In the era of information explosion, people are easily exposed to all kinds of knowledge everywhere. In order to optimize the use of information, coaching one’s problem solving and critical thinking skills are keys to learn and work effectively. Nevertheless, being innovative in all terms is also indispensable to be successful in the fast moving world.
STEM is an acronym that refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, Essay Writer and Mathematics. STEM integrates these four disciplines into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. Learning STEM can foster skills and growth mindsets among young people so that they gain a greater perspective on the world.

We care About The Little People…

Understanding Children’s Learning

Purposeful play is important. Children are natural curious investigators of the world around them. 


Having a conscious knowledge of every child and where they are at will help the adults to understand the children’s learning.


A purposeful endeavour in supporting children’s learning growth through targeted intervention.

Building Foundation For The Future

The future of work is uncertain and the skills and capabilities for success are changing. A technology infused future demands awareness and capabilities with new tools


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Outdoor learning is gives permission for children to take a break from being confined in the classrooms and to their seats – the outdoors lets children run around, climb, jump, crawl, and just fully express themselves with little to no limitations. Unlike the indoors, children are exposed to the sun when they are outdoors and it causes them to sweat a lot more. Sweating itself has many health benefits such as eliminating toxins from the body and increases blood circulation. Natural sunlight also offers many health benefits such as vitamin D which has been shown to improve brain function. Children are also able to do more active, rigorous activities when they are outside such as riding a bike or playing football. These activities will eventually cultivate healthy hobbies and develop children’s interest in sports.

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As parents, you know that children are very interested in nursery rhymes and songs! With the simple nursery rhymes and songs that are just plain fun, a lot of aspects are enhanced which makes these two are important elements that parents need to include while homeschooling their preschoolers.
From Humpty Dumpty, Wheels on the Bus to Peter and Jane and Itsy Bitsy Spider, there are the nursery rhymes and songs that are able to enhance the cognitive development of the children (due to the repetition of words and sentences), speech (able to discriminate different sounds and develop learning ability), reading (excellent foundation for young ages literature materials), language, creativity and many more aspects to be enhanced from songs and nursery rhymes.
So, are you ready to indulge yourselves and your children in reading nursery rhymes and rocking your body while singing songs?

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Creative thinking is a way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests new or original solutions. It can be stimulated both by an unstructured process such as brainstorming, and by a structured process such as lateral thinking.

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Parent and Child Summer BBQ

Our vision is to inspire and empower every child to love learning and we work internationally with school communities, school leaders, teachers and parents, grounded in the learning development of children


Kiddies Corner

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One of the most effective Nintendo Switch over computer game will maintain you active all holiday season long, whether you’re video gaming on the big screen or snuggled on the couch with your Nintendo Switch Lite.
From Nintendo staples like Mario and likewise Zelda to vital multiplayer computer game to absorbing AAA as well as indie price, we have actually done the hard work of playing great deals and additionally good deals of computer game to help you choose the greatest that Nintendo’s console needs to give.

Our existing leading choice for the greatest Nintendo Switch over video games in 2020 is Hyrule Warriors: Age of Tragedy. It adeptly mixes the task and also mayhem of an Empire Warriors video game with parts of The Tale of Zelda: Breath of bush. While it’s much from a follow-up to Breath of bush, it still make use of a rich blood vessel of art instructions as well as includes that the exceptional video game introduced.

New Horizons this year, as that game is probably amongst one of the most reliable methods to shake off blues brought on by coronavirus pandemic lockdown as well as likewise restrictions. New Horizons mostly gives you an island to individualize along with develop over 10s to hundreds of humans resources. And it fits the Switch over from flawlessly as a computer game you can just dip in and out of, or plough humans resources right into at the same time. With 27 titles composing our best Nintendo Switch over games of 2020, there’s a healthy and balanced as well as balanced list of fantastic video games to preserve you thrilled for several years to come. Continue reading for our choices for the very best Nintendo Adjustment video games to play now.

Hyrule Warriors

This innovator to The Tale of Zelda: Breath of bush, shows us the globe prior to everything mosted likely to chaos. As opposed to adventuring around specifically as Web link, in this video game you can play as all the kingdom’s heroes as you handle substantial militaries handled by Tragedy Ganon. If you understand the Empire Warriors collection, or the initial Hyrule Warriors video game, you will certainly know what this requires. You, together with pleasant soldiers and also an optional co-op buddy, need to require to various battlefields across Hyrule, finishing particular goals in each area. It’s a various speed to the versatile RPG that this variation of LoZ first appeared in, yet if you wish to read more concerning the history of the setup, or wish to attempt an extra magnificent kind of combat, it is entitled to checking Age of Catastrophe out.

Pet Crossing: New Horizons

Pet Crossing: New Horizons is the ultimate digital trip, offering you with your extremely own journey island that you’ll stay in, customize and likewise view prosper gradually. New Horizons improves the presently habit forming gameplay of Nintendo’s cherished life simulator, enabling you craft your extremely own products and also obtain rewarding Room Miles as you catch parasites, plant trees, connect with your neighbors and discover stylish apparel and also household things for your individual villager. With lots of animals to gather, a gallery to curate, and likewise new shops and additionally centers to fund, there’s regularly something to work towards in New Horizons, making every minute truly feel satisfying as you build up the tropical island of your wishes. Whether you’re personalizing your excellent house or mosting likely to close friends online to trade fruit in addition to gear, Pet Crossing: New Horizons is the relaxing, satisfying wind-down video game that every Switch over proprietor needs currently.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of shrub

The Tale of Zelda: Breath of bush establishes you loosened in a significant, beautiful open world, where you can combat by means of dungeons, solution challenges, paraglide around the skies or just prepare some food. Breath of bush redefines what an open-world computer game could be, with a definitely explorable Hyrule in which every hillside is climbable and likewise every concealed path produces a brand-new journey (you can also bee-line it to the one accountable if you’re so likely.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Super Mario 3D All-Stars loads 3 of one of the most precious 3D platformers of perpetuity into a solitary, very emotional strategy. This collection obtains you Very Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine as well as Super Mario Galaxy, permitting you to experience the development of 3D Mario video games from the Nintendo n64 roms  ideal to the extra contemporary Wii age. The good news is, these genre-defining platformers primarily stand up today. Triple-jumping through the Mushroom Kingdom is similarly as much of a blast now as it stayed in 1996, and also Super Mario Sunlight’s unique water-based gameplay stands up particularly well on the Change Pro Controller. Super Mario Galaxy evolved the formula also even more in 2007 with its distinctive gravity-defying platforming, as well as it’s still a happiness to play today with both motion along with touch controls. Rounding out the package is accessibility fully soundtrack for each video game, so you can shake out like it’s 1996.

Pokémon Sword and Guard

Pokémon Sword and Guard have each of the habit forming monster capturing, combating and checking out that makes the series terrific while making some substantial advancements to Video game Fanatic’s cherished RPG formula. The computer game’s London-inspired Galar area consists of the most dynamic atmospheres the franchise has actually seen yet, with open-world-style Wild Locations loaded with wild Pokémon that supply an actual difficulty for proficient instructors.

Extra sealing Sword as well as likewise Guard as several of the very best Nintendo Switch over computer game are Dynamax battles, which permit you to for a short while make your Pokémon giant total amount with effective brand-new moves for famous, large fitness center fights. You’ll in addition take pleasure in Max Raids that have you take on substantial Pokémon with various other gamers, good deals of social online functions as well as several of the most reliable Pokémon designs yet.